「Yokke - よっけ - 」讃岐弁で“たくさん”
「Pokke - ぽっけ - 」 “pocket”便利なポケット                  夢のあるポケット
また生地制作から、製品になるまで Made in Japanにこだわったものづくりをおこなっております。
Yokke =  a lot … in Sanuki(Kagawa-Ken)Dialect
Pokke =  Pocket … useful Pocket , dream in Pocket
With a concept “ wear with joy in culture ” Producing textile designed from Japanese  culture such as Folk crafts and local toys.
Also, very stick to  “ Made in japan ” manufacturing from material to finished products.
Yokke Pokke is the textile brand wishing to give“ a lot ” of useful, joyful and wonderful feeling to you.